Scientific Publishing of New University

Publishing of New University is issuing the latest research achievements from the areas of interest of the faculties in the form of:

  • scientific monographies and critical issues with commentaries,
  • translations of scientific monographies,
  • digital and hard copies of study books.

Upon issuing the publications the following aspects are taken into account:

  • current contents which are of a fundamental significance for the development of the individual scientific area,
  • works, important for the development of Slovene scientific terminology,
  • works, important for representing Slovene scientific achievements in the home and international area,
  • themes, important for spreading out new scientific cognitions and culture

Publishing takes care for appropriately technically equipping all the issues (CIP, ISBD, …), for which it follows the valid legal regulations.

Scientific magazine Dignitas

Scientific magazine Dignitas issues scientific articles regarding the constitutional and international law of human rights, concise translations of key judgments of European Court of Human Rights of the Council of Europe, especially those regarding the claims of Slovene complainants, legal commentaries on judgments of European Court of Justice, key documents, studies, opinions and conclusions of European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission), general information about important events in the area of human rights protection in Slovenia and internationally. Dignitas also publishes special issues regarding a special theme.

Scientific magazine publishes twice a year, up until now in the form of double numbers to the extent of 300 – 400 pages. Editorial programme of the magazine devotes special attention to the original works of the lecturers and postgrad students of the Faculties, especially to the articles, which represent most interesting knowledge in the new Master or Doctor’s thesis and research.

Scientific magazine Dignitas is a part of the international IBZ base.

More about Dignitas:

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